Dances With Wolves

OMG KEVIN COSTNER. He is the reason why Daniel Day Lewis didn’t even have a chance in “Last of the Mohicans”. When Kevin Costner starts off as a soldier, then moves to officer, then becomes Native American…, hello, DDL, you got no chance.

I don’t want to give too much away with this movie – obviously this is one of the few AFI top 100 movies that actually belongs here. It has everything – the UMAMI of movies if you will: blood, war, wolves, hunting, love, charades. The list goes on but you should be intrigued already.


The one set back about this movie, and the warning I wish I had received prior to watching this movie, is that “Dances With Wolves” is a little over 3 hours long. So in case you have never sat quietly for 3 hours before let me give you some pointers:

1)Don’t start this movie late at night or post-dinner. This is an afternoon/late morning movie for sure. You need to be able to eat candy and popcorn AND pizza – so post dinner movie watching is a No-go.

2) This is NOT a date movie. 3 hours of sitting next to someone you kind of know while watching Kevin Costner become a Native American is the worst idea ever. There are zero opportunities for arm-arounds and trust me, he won’t hold your hand until the end…….and by then it’s too late – you’ve sat in awkwardness for far too long.

3) I highly recommend that vegetarians do NOT watch this movie. There is a scene with dead buffalo. nuff said.

Popcorn Rating: 4 popped corns

Stands with a fist,


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