Lawrence of Arabia

I have something to confess. I have only seen “Lawrence of Arabia” once and it was about 10 years ago. Now, my memory isn’t terrible, but when trying to recall this movie, I get something that very much resembles a snow storm in my brain. I have honestly tried to start this movie another time in the last few months……but I can’t do it. This movie is 4 HOURS LONG and you watch Peter O’Toole struggle with a life decision in the desert. Plus there’s an Intermission – ain’t nobody got time for that.

I would love to be one of those critics that can write about a boring movie and pretend that there’s depth and insight into life. However, I am trying to help the laypeople of this world figure out if this movie is worth your time…….and it is not. Pick any sport, any hobby, or any book and use these 4 hours for something worthwhile, or even not worthwhile, I don’t really care, it just shouldn’t be spent on this movie.

First off, no one in America can eat enough popcorn to make this movie interesting. Second, EVERYTHING takes place in the desert. Now I know that movies set in Arabia usually include desert, but COME ON, 4 HOURS OF SAND?? And no hot men on surf boards…….pick a different country. Dr. Zhivago takes place in snow covered, tundra Russia and I hate the cold, but I would still rather watch that over and over again than watch “Lawrence of Arabia” one more time. Mainly because there’s an affair, but also because it’s NOT IN THE DESERT.

Lastly, I cannot stand it when men can’t make decisions. Girls, can I get a what what. Peter O’Toole plays this character who can’t decide which country to agree with. Ok, yes, this decision is a bit harder than “what do you want to eat for dinner?” but still, going back and forth Arabia, Britain, Arabia, Britain, Arabia, you’ll drive a girl mad!

If this movie was an hour and a half, had scenes of INSIDE, and wasn’t starring Peter O’Toole, I’d watch it again.

Popcorn Rating: 1 popped corn, 1 kernel

Use your best judgement, but don’t come crying to me if you could have finished a scrapbook in 4 hours but chose not to.



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