Why is it that whenever you ask people about a movie they say “Oh it’s great” and then NEVER give you more details! Am I supposed to ask you 19 more questions? Why can’t people actually give you warnings about movies before you see them. For example, if someone were to ask me “What do you think about Casablanca?” I would appropriately respond with “Oh it’s great. Love found then lost and then found again! What more could you want? Plus Humphrey Bogart as a cafe owner – not too shabby”. Do you see how I’ve given my opinion and also included some vague details about the movie, giving the potential Casablanca viewer a little taste of the good things to come?! Why can’t people do that? It’s not that difficult. Suffice to say – EVERYONE needs a warning before they watch “Unforgiven”. So here you go:

First off, Gene Hackman plays a bad guy, so please don’t plan a Gene Hackman marathon and watch “Unforgiven” AFTER “Hoosiers”…..very. bad. idea. Second, Morgan Freeman plays a cowboy……OBJECTION. Gary Cooper? sure. Clint Eastwood? yup. Morgan Freeman? pass. Now, I’m not saying his acting skills weren’t to par, and he definitely wore the cowboy hat correctly. But it’s MORGAN FREEMAN! He’s the voice of GOD. Do you really want to put him on a horse roaming around with Clint? NOPE. I refuse to believe that this was the best option casting-wise. Where was Robert Redford? Every cowboy needs to look like he could be called “Butch Cassidy”. Why is that NOT a prerequisite for casting cowboys? Sorry Morgan Freeman – YOU SHALL NOT PASS.


Thirdly, SPOILER ALERT, this entire movie is about a man who cuts a prostitute. WHY did NOBODY tell me this was the MAIN plot??!!! I thought I was watching a Western, WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?! I thought I could eat popcorn to this film – incorrect. Don’t eat ANYTHING. Don’t drink ANYTHIG – unless you want to be disgusted by it later. Talk about a disturbing movie. “Pulp Fiction” was unnecessarily graphic, but “Unforgiven” is just plain unnecessary. How this is a Top 100 movie blows my mind.

Popcorn Rating: 1 popped corn.

This movie is gross and disturbing and weird. Watch this at night if you never want to sleep well again.


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