When Harry Met Sally

This post is going to be super short because “When Harry Met Sally” is a brilliant, funny, MUST-SEE movie. Billy Crystal is surprisingly charming and Meg Ryan is so high maintenance that you can’t imagine your life without her.


Now trust me, the idea of Billy Crystal being the “Matthew McConaughey” of this Rom Com sounds like a terrible idea. However, all of you will have this exact mental dialogue so prepare yourself:

5 minutes in: “Wow, poor Meg Ryan, she is gorgeous and Billy Crystal looks like an awkward Jewish kid who doesn’t know he’s gonna be a Rabbi yet”.

30 minutes in: “OMG, I honestly didn’t think someone could get less attractive in their 20’s. Unbelievable.”

1 hour in: “So if THAT many women want to sleep with him – he must be pretty good in bed, right? Is that a good enough reason to start liking someone? No, no, get it together. He’s still gross. Who still wears turtle necks? Like really.”

1.5 hours in: “Oh, Billy! I wouldn’t have left you – stupid Helen – doesn’t know quality when it hits her in face. Stupid woman. All women who divorce Billy Crystal are moronic.”

End of the movie: “Come ON Meg! How can you say ‘No’! Sex is great. Face is perfect. Body is proportional. What more could you want?! He’s the WHOLE Package!”

Credits rolling: “Haha wow, for like a solid half hour I was kind of digging Billy Crystal. Glad that’s over.”

Conclusion – every scene in this movie is perfect. Meg Ryan crying will make your day. Billy Crystal at a batting cage is too good to be true. Princess Leia as a stupid slut is phenomenal. The amount of popcorn you will eat during this movie will be astronomical. Enjoy.

Popcorn Rating: 5 popped corns

Hands down – this move is in my top 5.




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