That Thing You Do

I bought my first movie when I was 10. I saved all my birthday and Christmas money so I could buy one movie: That Thing You Do. Liv Tyler, Tom Hanks, and some cute man named “Guy” star in this fabulous film about a one-hit-wonder band making it to the top of the charts. It has love, it has drama, and it has a drummer in shades – what else would a 10 -year-old want? This movie made me laugh, cry, and sing constantly. But more importantly That Thing You Do made me fall in love with movies.


Now fast-forward to July 7, 2014. I am a music teacher by day but a movie addict by night. I try to watch at least one movie every day, and now that it’s summertime I am able to watch 3-4 movies before dinner. However, I don’t just watch any movie -I insist that if popcorn is going to be made, the movie must be brilliant.

Now how do I know that a movie will be brilliant? That is a bit of an arduous task, however, I plan to start by watching movies from lists. Some people (lucky people) have jobs that require them to rank movies based on humor, love, intelligence, and originality. These rankings of movies are then posted on the internet where any layman can find them and begin to watch. I have found such a list and have began to conquer it movie by movie. The list I have started this summer is “The American Film Institute’s Top 100 Movies Of All Time“. Now I don’t plan on watching all 100, but I figure I’ll start here to see what my new standard should be for a “great” film.

Therefore, ladies and gentleman, this blog will be my critiques of some of these top 100 movies as I watch them this summer. There are some movies I have seen already so in that case I will simply give you a synopsis and an opinion I have already formulated of them. With the new movies I watch, however, you will be in for a treat – an unfiltered, fresh-out-of-the-oven opinion from yours truly.

Get Excited.


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