Work It

DON’T JUDGE ME. I watched the preview and realized 4 things:

  • This seems like a bad version of “Step Up”
  • This seems like a dance version of “Camp Rock”
  • This seems like the cast of “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”
  • This seems like the teenage level of romance of “High School Musical”

I’m hooked.

Now I do have a few things I need to get off my chest with this movie. So I’m providing you with a Pro/Con list. I will start with the Cons because I want to end on a high note. Not necessarily because this movie has more Pros than Cons, but quite simply because it’s 2020 and we need to end things on a positive note these days. AMIRITE.

Cons of “Work It” the Netflix original film:

  1. I literally CANNOT handle the teen/parent relationships that these movies insist on having. I just hate it. The parents are either way too chill, way too oblivious, or way too strict without any explanation which then paints parents as being “unfair” or “crazy”. Teenagers should have strict parents!! However, parents need to explain to their kids WHY they’re being strict otherwise the movie just paints them as a villain. Why do parents always have to be the villain?? Why can’t the sassy, rude, flunking-out-of-school teenager be the villain for once?! I am just so annoyed that the parents in these movies are always so embarrassing to watch because they either have no backbone or no reasoning and it’s just disappointing.
  2. The “Juilliard” character was too much. I get that he’s a diva but can he be a less aggressive diva? I needed him to be more diva-lite. I honestly fast-forwarded his scenes.
  3. There were some MAJOR inconsistencies with the so-called “knee injury” that Jake Taylor, the main male character, had. Um if your injury was so bad that you had to stop dancing and instead teach toddler dance classes, why is it that you can still perform at at the “Work It” finale? I AM CONFUSION.
  4. No way are Duke admission interviews even close to what happened in this movie. Bet you 5 million dollars that Duke is going to get an incredibly sad batch of kids applying this year after they watch this movie. False hope is never a good idea, NETFLIX!
  5. The final dance was honestly very confusing. I did not understand the concept. ALSO how is it that Quinn, the main girl character, became the star dancer? Did we forget that she was THE WORST like 10 minutes before that scene? I don’t understand how the final dance ended up featuring her. SOMEONE EXPLAIN.

Pros of “Work It”:

  1. This movie basically has everything you need to feel good about wasting 2 hours of your life. It’s got a great soundtrack, 4-5 very entertaining dances, a funny best friend, and a main character that really glows up by the end. Is that not the whole package or a Netflix teen movie?
  2. I genuinely enjoy watching bad dancing, so the first 45 minutes of this movie were highly entertaining for me. Also, it made me want to go to a wedding. Not sure how those correlate….
  3. The retirement home scenes were the best. Old people are awesome which reminds me STAY INSIDE, WEAR A MASK, COVID IS REAL, STOP KILLING THE ELDERLY.
  4. I loved all of Jake Taylor’s tattoos. Yummy.

Overall, this movie is exactly what the preview paints it out to be. It’s got stupid teen love, over the top high school dances, witty characters who are clearly older than they are supposed to be in the movie, and slammin’ tunes! I highly recommend for everyone to watch this on a Friday at 7pm with popcorn, sour patch kids, a glass of wine, and your PJs. Oh and please be alone. DO NOT watch with friends. Way too embarrassing. I’m embarrassed for you for even asking.

Popcorn rating: 3 popped corns

Truthfully Yours


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