A Simple Favor

Legitimate question to the Hollywood writers out there: DO YOU ALL RUN OUT OF IDEAS FOR THE LAST 2 MINUTES OF EVERY MOVIE???

Hit by a Prius. That’s how she goes. A Prius?! You trying to get more Bay Area viewers with that? Or maybe y’all are trying to send a subliminal eco-friendly message in your semi-dramatic-thriller-rom-com film? No wait. You talked to Lindsay Lohan and she was like “omg hit her with a bus” and you were like “we can’t ALSO do a bus! But we can do…..a PRIUS!”

I’m gonna lay out all my issues with this movie, but before that I’m just gonna quickly say HI BLAKE YOURE PERFECT ALSO HI ANNA BIG FAN.

Ok here are my problems with “A Simple Favor”:

1) Was this a comedy? A thriller? A drama? I don’t know. I didn’t laugh. Wasn’t ever really scared. Kinda thought everyone was being pretty EXTRA by the end so….maybe drama? Someone shed some light please.

2) Can we just quickly talk about Anna Kendrick’s husband/brother/lover situation? Did that ever actually get resolved? We know this- Anna has a husband who died in a car accident with her “brother”. We also saw the car go intentionally into the median, so not so much accident and more murder/suicide. Also they planted the seed of “is that guy Anna’s brother or her kid’s real dad?” And then the scene ends. WHAT!? We’re just supposed to “Inception” this ending? I need to know!!! How sneaky IS Anna?! Ugh. I need answers.

3) Is Anna’s vlog real cuz I kinda wanna know what’s in that hangover smoothie…..it was SUPER GREEN but kids were drinking it, so did it have skittles or something? Need recipe ASAP.

4) How the heck did Blake Lively get all her stuff back in her closet?? There was literally so much stuff. There’s no way Blake could have that done so fast and all by herself! It took Anna like 3 days and a long montage to do it plus she was throwing things out! As we all know, it’s way easier to unpack than to pack. I just don’t see how that was possible so there’s major plot hole #1. You’re welcome.

5) Drowning someone has to be harder than that. Just sayin. Plot hole #2.

6) While she was drowning you could see her wig come off. Plot hole #3.

7) Was Blake’s kid actually stupid? How do you go to your moms funeral and then nonchalantly be like “I saw mom today”…..uh dude. I get that you’re 8 but you gotta be smarter than that. Please know that seeing someone after they’ve died is not casual dinner conversation.

8) Why would you throw a wrench in the air hoping it would hit your eye instead of just hitting your eye? I mean, haven’t tried it, but knowing my ability to throw directly up, I feel like it’d be so much easier just to whack yourself in the face than to throw and stand and look up and not move. I don’t care enough to test my theory, but if anyone has….actually keep that to yourself.

Popcorn Rating: 3 popped corns

I was interested to see what happened and how it all happened, but honestly the whole movie was just so methodical that it didn’t really have any true moments of suspense or thrill or drama. It was just like “well yea obviously she killed her sister” or “well yea obviously she didn’t REALLY shoot him” or “well yea obviously she was totally gonna shoot him.” It was just so predictable. And a Prius. Really? Smh.

Truthfully Yours


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