To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

First off – this title is fantastic. If you don’t know already, this movie is based off of a book series, so kudos to Jenny Han for picking this amazing title. It’s just such a classy way of saying “dear ex-lovers”, and I don’t know about you, but there’s something about being classy and also dishing about your past that provides such a great naughty and nice balance to the world.

Even though I loved this movie in all its high school rom-com John Hughes-esque glory, I do have some issues:

1) The three sisters could, in no way, be related unless you assume every family in America adopts (which I would be ALL for, btw). The main girl, Laura-Jean, is for sure 100% Vietnamese, her older sister is Pacific Islander, and the younger sister actually looks half Asian and half white but at this point you’re almost hoping for a Latina girl just to keep the ridiculous non-realistic trend going. IF JOHN CORBETT IS YOUR FATHER YOU WILL NOT BE 100% VIETNAMESE OR PACIFIC ISLANDER. Unless maybe John Corbett was adopted??

2) Was it really necessary to throw in the bad Asian female driving bit?? I mean, maybe it’s all true, but still. People need to CALM DOWN with the (accurate) stereotypes.

3) The jacuzzi scene was probably the most satisfying PG-13 scene in this movie, but my COLOSSAL issue with it was the fact that she slept in the very same nightgown she went into the jacuzzi with about 5 minutes after getting out!! Oh yea, and the gown was BONE – DRY. Netflix. Come. On. This is such an easy plot hole to fix – simply film her going to bed in literally ANY other piece of clothing other than THAT ONE NIGHTGOWN. That scene lost all its credibility.

4) Scrunchies are dumb, use a hair tie.

5) I know from personal experience that walking across a lacrosse field is gonna get you hurt. There are balls and rackets and dudes flyin’ all over the place – it is a war zone. Yet another scene that is not real life.

6) Spin the bottle needs to stop being a thing. It is literally ruining people’s lives. Case and point: this movie.

Popcorn Rating: 4 popped corns and 1 kernel for Peter

Aside from those 6 issues, I loved this movie. I watched it three times in 2 days and I’m not ashamed. I also became a major “Anna of the North” fan overnight (if you know, YOU KNOW). So grab your snacks, pop the corn, snuggle with a pillow and get watchin’!




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