A Bug’s Life

Do you remember when you were little and you would have to use every rung on the jungle gym ladder to get up to the slide, and then the slide seemed so huge that you had to count to 3 slowly with your mom to motivate yourself to let go, but then you got older and realized that the slide was like 5 feet tall and you don’t even fit in it anymore? That’s basically what it was like watching “A Bug’s Life”.

First off, I watched this movie for the first time when I was 8 and here is what I remember:

1) Flik was super annoying and such a strange main character

2) The Lady Bug was hilarious

3) The Caterpillar was hilarious

4) The grasshoppers were terrifying

5) The little ant children were super cute

6) The moral of the story was that birds kill grasshoppers

I just recently watched this movie for the second time (15+ years later) and here is what I noticed:

1) Flik is literally the only ant with a brain and because he had ideas (good ideas) he was labeled as the “freak” of the herd

2) The Lady Bug being a dude is not as funny as I remember it being. In fact it wasn’t really funny at all, just made logical sense that some lady bugs would be men.

3) The caterpillar was SO annoying.

4) The grasshoppers are TINY!!! What?!? I swear they were animated so much larger when I was 8. When Hopper first steps on the scene (really creative name, Pixar), I seriously thought those were the baby grasshoppers that got sent to be messengers for the real grasshoppers. Why were the ants afraid of an insect only slightly bigger than them? The bird I TOTALLY get. But grasshoppers? Really? That’s like me being afraid of Victoria Secret models – skinnier and slightly taller women vs average female. Pretty sure I could take ’em. Or at least one. Maybe Kendall.

5) The little ants are still super cute.

6) The moral of the story is that ants with ideas aren’t crazy! They can actually provide for the colony better. Ants that are socially awkward, however, those are weird. So ultimately, Flik was still annoying, but not for his creativity, for his sheer lack of social understanding.

7) Oh and birds still kill grasshoppers.

Hands down, the best part of this film were the bloopers at the end! The best thing Pixar did in the film was create animated bloopers. That was brilliant. If you haven’t seen this movie ever before it might not be worth your time, but if you saw it when you were little and haven’t seen it since – totally worth it!! It’s the most eye-opening experience you could ever have.

Popcorn Rating: 3 popped corns



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