White Christmas

(In the voice of Beyoncé) 🎶I’m dreaming of a…movie with Rosemary Clooney and Bing Crosby and dancing and singing and snow and love and Christmas…..just like the ones I used to know🎶

This movie is like Amy Grant’s Christmas album. If you don’t own it, you definitely know someone who does! Also, it’s on Netflix. Not Amy Grant. “White Christmas”. So, for those of you that no longer own DVD players, or DVDs, or players…. just log into your friend/neighbor’s Netflix account and search for it! If you pay for your own Netflix account you need to make more friends or call up your estranged brother and use his.

Here’s a summary of this movie in list form because I like lists and it goes by faster.

1) Opening scene: green-screen war zone where Bing Crosby is singing “White Christmas” and Danny Kaye is winding up the music box. (Background:Bing before the war was a famous singing show man, and Danny is an adoring fan). However, mid-song, war breaks out and a brick wall falls on Bing, but Danny Kaye pulls him into safety at the last second and Bing is safe but Danny breaks his arm. So Bing visits Danny in the hospital and Danny basically guilts Bing into adding him into his show.

2) Danny and Bing become a famous singing/dancing duo. But Danny has a plan to get Bing a woman.

3) Danny and Bing get invited to see an act of two sisters that are related to an old army friend. So they see it and Danny is attracted to one sister and Bing is attracted to the other. Nice, right?

4) Drama happens and the four of them end up on a train to Vermont.

5) The hotel they stay at in Vermont is owned by Danny and Bing’s ex-general from the army. The hotel’s not doing well financially so Danny and Bing bring their whole show up to the hotel to drum up an audience. The girls fall more in love with them because that’s what happens when famous people do nice things for normal people.

6) Bing has an even bigger idea and wants to go on TV to try and convince his other army friends to come to Vermont and surprise the general. However the maid of the hotel eavesdrops and thinks that Bing is trying to use TV to get more famous and make the hotel look sad and depressing. The maid obviously tells Bing’s lover and she leaves without communicating, cuz it’s fun and complicated that way.

7) Finally Bing goes on TV and the army friend sister who left, Rosemary Clooney (yes, George Clooney’s aunt), watches the ad and realizes she was mistaken! She runs back and miraculously makes it back in time for the show and then it starts snowing and then they all sing “White Christmas” and then everyone falls in love and kisses.

Ok so that turned into a longer summary even though it was in a list, but as you can see this movie is just jam-packed with drama and witty humor and yes, lots and lots of singing and dancing. Oh it’s a musical. Ok that’s it. Go search on your coworker’s Netflix account!

Popcorn Rating: 5 popped corns Truthfully Yours


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