Crazy Stupid Love

This movie is darn near perfection. It is type casting at its finest! Let me show you: 

Exhibit A: Ryan Gosling plays a super good looking, womanizer with a tender heart who falls for a quirky girl. 

Exhibit B: Steve Carrell is the awkward divorcée with a great personality but no fashion sense. 

Exhibit C: Emma Stone is the quirky girl that just needed a bad boy to help her embrace her true beauty. 

Exhibit D: Kevin Bacon is sleezy adulterer who is good looking but not good looking enough to justify his awful personality. 

Exhibit E: Asian best friend is the Asian best friend. 

Case and point. This movie has every actor playing his/her exact type cast role, and that’s what makes this movie nearly perfect. The “nearly” part is because it ends in the same way “Mean Girls” ends. The strings are all tied up but you’re not quite satisfied because it all worked out a little too well. I just felt like someone should have been alone at the end, otherwise it’s not really Crazy Stupid Love, ya know? Welp. Have to please the masses. You get your happy ending everyone! Congrats.

Popcorn Rating: 4 popped corns, 2 kernels 

Again, this movie is pretty fantastic. I laughed out loud in theaters when I saw it and then laughed out loud again when I saw it a second time on the plane. A must-see if you like to watch Ryan, Steve, and Emma in their element. Plus the asian best friend does a decent job too. Oh and Josh Groban has a cameo in the movie! Man, should have led with that. That’s probably all you needed to know, huh? “Josh Groban’s in it!?!? Renting!!!”



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