The Great Gatsby

I HAVE to talk about this movie! First off, every single high schooler in America should know this movie because at the end of sophomore year, once your paper has been turned in, every English teacher pops this sucker in as a reward for “getting through the book”. Congrats, you did it. Now here’s your last three months summed up in 2 hours. 

Now, up until 2013, every class watched the Robert Redford and Mia Farrow version of this film. In 2013 the teachers were faced with a dilemma – do we stick with tradition and show Robert in his pink tux? Or seem “hip and happenin'” and play the new Leo version? Decisions, decisions. Now if I were an English teacher, which, thank the lord, I’m not, I would have to 100% go with…..drumroll please….Robert Redford and his 1974 fashion!! Let me tell you why. 

First, Leonardo DiCaprio says “old sport” in the MOST uncomfortable manner. It’s similar to when Simon Cowell gives a compliment – it just doesn’t sound right or genuine. Second, Leo and Carey have as much chemistry as a chair and a bowl of soup. Thirdly, Tobey Maguire is one of my least favorite actors. I didn’t like him in any of the “Spidermans”, I didn’t like him in “Seabiscuit”, and I REALLY didn’t like him in “Brothers”. Three strikes, you’re out. Fourth, the wind in this movie is RI-DIC-U-LOUS. That scene where Daisy is sitting on the couch and all of her windows are open and the curtains are flying in the wind like she’s died and gone to heaven?! Are you for kidding me?? This is not real life. I promise you that if it was THAT windy in your room to where ALL your curtains flew up simultaneously- you are in a tornado and you best be hiding in a shelter. 

Lastly, in this version of Great Gatsby, you actually kind of like Tom! Maybe it’s because Tobey sucks and Leo and Carey are useless together, but by the end of this film I was totally #teamtom and I couldn’t believe it!! In the book, I hated Tom and in the 1974 film I hated Tom too, but in 2013….Tom straight up impressed me. He wasn’t super gross, he had a super nice townhouse for his mistress, and he dressed real nice. It’s not my fault Hollywood cast this movie so poorly! I was always #teamgatsby until I saw this film, so it’s not me, it’s the movie. 

Popcorn Rating: 2 popped corns 

The soundtrack is good, but that’s all. 



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