The Last Five Years

Quick question for all you musical watchers out there: If you watch a musical and then go home and start listening to the soundtrack over and over again INSTEAD of ever going to watch the musical a second time….what does that say about the musical? Let me try it from another angle. If you go to a golf tournament and then go home and listen to soft clapping over and over again INSTEAD of ever watching another golf tournament….what does that say about the game of golf? Was that analogy helpful? Thought so.

Here’s my two cents on The Last Five Years: 1) the soundtrack is great 2) the songs are super fun and very difficult to sing (thank goodness they took time making the recording) and 3) the overall storyline is interesting, sad, and pretty spot on in terms of what one would expect of a young married couple that is “unevenly yoked”, if you will. However, the movie part of this musical almost makes this musical worse. Again, the music is great, the plot is intriguing, but man, the acting and awkward singing in underwear scenes – yes, I say scenes because there are many- it’s just not very fun to watch. In a nutshell, listen to the soundtrack, read the synopsis on IMDb and call it a day! 

Popcorn Rating: 3 popped corns but only for the soundtrack 

Anna Kendrick sings very well and Jeremy Jordan is my vocal man crush. But for the last time, listen. Do not watch. Like all Miley Cyrus music videos. 

Truthfully Yours


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