Sophie’s Choice

Two words: Meryl. Streep. Bow chicka wow wow! 

It is insane how pretty she is in this movie- she is truly a goddess. Unfortunately, this movie is probably the saddest thing I’ve seen since Out of Africa – which, side note, also has a gorgeous Meryl in it PLUS a hunky Robert Redford. Sophie’s Choice has got to be the most depressing, most frustrating, and most life-changing movie you’ll ever watch. 

I know it’s not the most convincing review, but I just want you to know what you’re in for. If you watch this movie you will cry, eat your feelings, and cry some more, but it will also leave you feeling grateful for everything. To put it plainly, since you’re not Sophie – life is awesome! 

Definitely watch this by yourself. Don’t wear make up. Make sure you have Kleenex readily available. 

Popcorn Rating: 4 popped corns and 1 kernel 

Best of luck


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