Couple things about this movie. 1) I cannot believe I’m saying this, but Drew Barrymore was the best thing to ever happen to this film 2) The Future of NASA is SO SAD according to this film. Luckily, it’s the farthest thing form being believable, so NASA’s in luck.

I legit had never seen this movie until about 4 weeks ago when it suddenly was on Netflix. I was kind of hoping for more of a “Lilo and Stitch” situation where the alien has more of a helpful role in society as opposed to the “he’s dying” role that ended up being the theme of this movie. Also, can we address the random flying bicycle concept? Was this really necessary? I mean out of all the super powers this creature could have, was biking through the air really the best option? I was just very confused as to why these scenes were happening. Also, the dress up scene, where he goes full drag: Hollywood, really? I just remember when ET came out, all my friends were freaking out about how “cool” and “far out” this movie was. I guess that’s what happens when you watch a movie 20 years after it’s peaked #notimpressed.

Image result for ET

I guess if you’re a parent and your kids need to watch a movie that’s not realistic or animated, you could dust this one off and see what they think. No harm done with this one, but also no fun either.

Popcorn Rating: 2 popped corns

Peace out,



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