Do The Right Thing

Background: I watched this movie on a date with a guy I was NOT vibing. So in full disclosure, I spent most of this film trying to avoid rubbing thighs and seeming interested in my date. However, I am an incredible multi-tasker so I still have opinions and recommendations on this movie.
First, I get that Spike Lee was “revolutionary” with the meaning and purpose of this film, but just like Lawrence of Arabia, I felt like I was trapped in the desert. It is so hot and gross in this movie that you start to sweat just watching it! On one hand I guess it’s pretty cool that a movie can actually physically make you sweat just based on the cinematography and acting. On the other hand – gross. This is not a physical place I ever want to be in again, so it’s certainly not on my “rewatch” list.

Second, this movie is insightful, moving and eye-opening. But overall, it’s not a movie I would sit through again and especially not on a bad date. As a life lesson – bad dates should ALWAYS be accompanied by an excellent movie so that the memory of the date can be at least tolerable.

Popcorn rating: 2 popped corns



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