PFP’s Movie Rating Criteria

When I’m watching a movie there are a few things that I’m looking for to tell whether this film will be “one of the greats”. This list (which may be added to and/or altered at any point) helps me make my popcorn rating decisions. Some movies are rated based on the feeling it gives me, but more often that not it’s because they’ve checked multiple boxes off this list. Enjoy!

– A bumpin’ soundtrack

– Kevin Costner/Tom Hanks/Denzel Washington/Chris Pine/Colin Firth/Robert Redford

– Underdog man/woman that has a humble “rags to riches” story

– Deep character development

– Strong females that rock the crap out of math and/or science and/or athletics

– Relateable sibling relationships

– Racial and/or societal tension that results in the minority/oppressed showing how incredibly gifted they are as a race/culture/societal group

– Inspiring montage sequence

– Southern/British/Australian accents

– Witty banter/smart comments/unpredictable humor

– A moment or two that make you cry or laugh so hard you can’t believe a movie made you feel that way