Do you remember the first time someone showed you a GoPro video and you were like “Whoa, that’s so awesome, it’s like I’m floating above you and seeing what you’re seeing but not experiencing it which is cool but also I’m getting seasick so please edit this to 30 seconds.” That was this movie.

Now those of you in the “cinema world” are probably thinking ‘Hey, this movie is a work of art and you need to pipe down.’ I HEAR YOU, but also, I dare you to watch this while having popcorn, drinking a cherry-cola icee, and stress-eating sour patch kids….cause you WILL feel sick. Which was my personal experience.

1917 (2019 film) - Wikipedia

Here are 3 things about this film that were great followed by 3 things that were NOT great. It’s a short list because I actually liked this film a lot, but I will also never watch it again because I felt like I was on a bad blimp ride.

3 Great Things:

  1. The storyline was amazing and the acting was truly incredible.

2. I literally cannot believe this was all filmed in “one shot” – I don’t actually believe it. But who am I to call Sam Mendes a liar.

3. I loved that this film did not shy away from showing the weaknesses/power struggles of the British side in WWI, while still making it very clear that Germany is the bad guy. YOU GO GLEN COCO.

3 Not Great Things:

1. Why was the “one shot” cinematic feat necessary?! Honestly this goes back to how I feel about “The Artist” being a movie (and also winning an Oscar) – it’s totally insane. I get that silent movies are “cool” and that there hasn’t been one in a while….but ya know why?? CUZ WE HAVE SOUND YOU LUNATIC! Why would we ever want a silent film to come back again?? Is it so the orchestra can feel more important?? Cuz quite frankly, I’ve been in orchestras and we don’t actually care. What we DO care about is the fact that we just spent 3 hours READING a 30 minute dialogue cuz you guys wanted to type it out instead of SPEAKING IT!! It’s like if ABC came out with a new season of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, but it was be available on the radio. Do you wanna know who’s NOT watching/listening to that new season? ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE.

2. I have a hard time with movies that make you tired. I get that it’s probably some sort of major movie challenge to get your audience to feel the way the main character feels, but it was too much. By the end of the movie I needed a nap, and quite frankly I just don’t enjoy movies that literally exhaust me. If I wanted to get tired watching people do things, I’d just go to the gym.

3. I needed more screen time of the older brother. 1) because he’s yummy and 2) because…actually that’s it. He cute.

Popcorn Rating: 4 popped corns

Overall, I do believe everyone should see this film ONCE. That’s all you’ll want to do anyhow. Watch it one time, feel tired, be impressed with Director Mendes, and then go home, take a nap, and watch Grey’s Anatomy on ABC.

Truthfully Yours,



  1. I liked this film, technically it was great (although done in 10 minute chunks and seamlessly stitched together rather than filmed in one massive long shot, still really impressive though!) but the film didn’t get up there to 5-star territory for me just because I wasn’t that into the story. George MacKay was really good though!

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  2. The movie was technically one shot but not really. They hid the cuts in a very clever way. And second of all, I think the cinematography was brilliant with dolby sounds added cherry on the top. I found the only drawback of the movie was it was bit too slow and sometimes over too much. I mean yes battlefields do have some pretty good action and all, but over too much portrayal was still unhealthy.

    Found your blog in recommendation. I must say, one of the unique blogs you have because very less people talk about movies.


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